Which Egg Came From An Actually Healthy Chicken?

Many people have a hard time to find the difference between an all-natural egg and those from the factory chickens. This difference can be seen if you pay attention how they look like.

1)         Egg with Dark Orange Yolk

When the yolk is dark orange they originated from a chicken farm, where chickens get all of their daylight, and they are extremely healthy. Those farm animals are consuming crickets, spiders, insects, ticks, and grasshoppers, why their yolks are rich in nutrition.

2)         Egg with Yellow Yolk

You can find those eggs in supermarkets, and they originate from factory chickens. These huge factories raised chicken in nightmarish conditions, without sunlight, in a little space, and dirty rooms. The chicken in these factories have been hatched from incubators, which isn’t at all a natural process and they are only fed with grains.

3)         Egg with Light Orange Yolk

If the eggs are with light orange yolks they are most likely to come from local groceries, which use large chicken farms for suppliers. The conditions in these farms aren’t as terrible as the ones in big factories, not that suitable, but tolerable. You should know the basic rule that the more chickens a farm produces, the lower their quality is.

Looking for characteristics of the healthiest egg in the image is number 1! Why?

–           The eggs that come from local farms are much fresher, and the conditions under which the chickens are raised, are far better.

–           These chickens are much healthier

–           It’s worthy to pass this important information on!

Here is a little video for you to enjoy:

Source: educateinspirechange.org

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