Things Every Father Must Teach His Son

Fathers play a very important role in their children’s lives, especially their sons. Boys consider their fathers to be heroes, role models, a shield that they can always look up to. The importance of a father in a boy’s life is enormous, he can teach him about life the way nobody else can. He can give him examples, memories and experiences that turn into priceless guides for the future. Here are 8 lessons fathers should teach their sons.

1. Failures are just as important

The first playmates boys have, are usually their fathers. They might play some sport such as basketball, baseball etc. These activities help strengthen the parent-child bond over time and their friendly duels will give important lessons of success and failure. Boys learn from their fathers that failures are just as important because they teach us ways to learn from mistakes and to avoid repeating them.

2. How to behave with women

It might seem unusual but fathers are the ones who should teach their sons how to behave with women. The mother or female teachers give examples from a female point of view, but the child should also look at the male point of view. Setting an example by behaving properly with every woman he meets, the father will teach an important lesson that his son will remember for the future.

3. Love

Fathers are also excellent teachers for boys to learn how to love. They have the same blood in their veins and they will likely have the same experiences. So, a father should teach his son how to know he is in love, to be dedicated and loyal as well as how to deal with a heartbreak.

4. Stand for what is right

A father should tell his son that he should never back down from a fight. Mothers tend to be overprotective and might miss the point of teaching something from these experiences. But fathers let their sons know how to differentiate right from wrong as well as how to properly deal with provocation. The son needs to know how to fight for respect, how to earn it and stand for what is right. Nobody teaches about bravery and courage like a father does.

5. Teach him the ways of the world

Boys will learn how to navigate the world by following their fathers’ examples. You can’t be confident all your life, but you should neither be afraid to go out there. Fathers teach their sons about living, expenses, how to have an outlook towards life and also learn how to make the most out of life.

6. The masculine part of life

Mothers will never be able to teach their sons certain masculine things such as lighting a fire, fixing a light bulb etc. Mothers might see these activities as hazards that might hurt their child, but they are actually the best things to do for strengthening the father-son bond.

7. Domestic duties

Men shouldn’t always look for someone else’s help for things they can do alone. Fatherly advice is very beneficial in this case as well as setting a good example. So, a father should teach his son that he should learn how to fix his tie, wash his clothes, iron and cook.

8. Helping understand sensations

A lot of fathers throw their children up in the air and then catch them, something a mother looks at with horror and would never do. This teaches the kid to be more observant of their surroundings and understand new feelings from his father because there are certain things a mother will never do.

Not all of us were blessed to grow up with a father, so if yours is still around make sure you let him know how much you appreciate everything he has done for you.


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