Pine Needle Syrup – The Most Efficient Remedy for Lung Inflammation, Bronchitis and Airway Problems

Pine needle syrup is excellent for the lungs, and also works great in the treatment of lung inflammation, bronchitis, and airway problems. It boosts immunity and protects against common cold and flu.

It is super-easy to make, so there is no reason you should not try it.

What do you need?

Pick fresh pine needles. The amount you need depends on the jar you are using. You also need some raw, organic honey.

How to make it?

  1. First, wash the needles well.
  2. Put them on a clean cloth, and pat them dry.
  3. It is preferable to leave them on the cloth for 24 hours, and then start with the preparation.
  4. Take a clean jar and alternately add pine needles and a thin layer of honey.
  5. Finish by adding honey last.
  6. Do not fill the jar to the top, leave about 2 inches of free space, so you can shake the content easily. Close well and keep the jar in a warm place for 40 days.
  7. Do not forget to shake it every day.
  8. Strain and keep the syrup in your fridge, because it spoils easily and does not have a long shelf life.
  9. Take a few tablespoons of the remedy throughout the day.

Note: Some people add sugar instead of honey, as it lasts longer. But, large amounts of sugar can harm your health, so better use raw, organic honey.


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