People Who Swear A Lot Are Good As Friends

It is well known that people who use swearwords too often are frowned upon and viewed as uneducated and rude. But it seems we’ve been wrong all the time and this assumption is completely wrong.

It is not uncommon for intelligent people to see the world and society differently, quite the opposite. To our surprise, according to the latest findings, they also tend to use incorrect words and even to be creative, far more than normal people. It turns out that very intelligent and educated people swear much more than stupid and less educated people.

We tend to differentiate ourselves from those who swear because we think they simply lack language skills to express themselves politely, or have a limited mindset. According to Kristin Joy and Timothy Jay, psychologists, the opposite is true and they conducted a study to prove it.

According to their findings, the skills needed to write new, incorrect words are associated with a high level of language skills. People with high IQ speak fluently and have a more versatile vocabulary, which means that they tend to create new cursed words.

In addition to their intelligence, people who swear more tend to be more honest, which also makes them better friends. These results come from a study in which hundreds of thousands of FB status updates were checked for false words and incorrect words. The key data support the claim that honest people are subject to curses.

Another bonus for people who swear a lot is the fact that phycologists say they can express themselves more freely. It also means they are more loyal to themselves and others than those who think too much before saying anything.

In addition to all of this, we must mention the case studies of crimes that investigate the hypothesis that honest people swear more than dishonest people. They found that innocent people suspected of a crime swore much more than guilty parties who did their best to deny the charges against them. In addition, it should be noted that people who use cursive words in their references are more credible.

So, if you have friends who use the most creative swear words, know that they are probably very intelligent and honest by heart.


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