Natural Remedies For Leg Cramps

Laurel leaf, lemon, garlic, consolidating suggested strategies and these fixings will get great outcomes. These are altogether regular solutions for leg spasms.

Laurel oil

Place a sack of Laurel leaf (10 g) in a container and sprinkle with foul sunflower oil, close it well, put it in a dim place for 12 days, and afterward strain.

Back rub your legs two times per day with this blend, and parallel with this drink bubbled onions with the water.

Back rub with lemon

Two times per day put on your feet crisply pressed lemon juice until the point when it totally retains the skin. At that point wear warm socks. Rehash each day for about fourteen days.


Sprinkle garlic with a glass of bubbled water, leave to remain for 10 minutes, strain and drink before going to bed.


Sprinkle rusk rye bread with a liter of bubbled water. Following 4 hours, include a teaspoon (4-5 g) of dry yeast. Leave the blend in a dim place for six hours, at that point strain. Drink 100 ml three times each prior day suppers.


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