I Made My Varicose Veins On The Legs Disappear In A Very Short Time

The skin is one of the elements that most changes in our body, one of those is the marks that come out in different parts, these can be a sign of many things, since the skin is a reflection of our health, this It is a scientific fact.

That is, many times when something negative is happening in our body, this is reflected in the skin in different ways such as its texture, color, among others, so maintaining the aesthetics of the skin goes hand in hand with having a good health, it’s that simple.

ne of the problems that most afflict women by the skin are varicose veins, these spider that appear on the legs are the worst, so today we bring you a natural treatment that will eliminate varicose veins completely, we just need to continue to I pass the following.

The treatment against varicose veins

To prepare our remedy against varicose veins, we will need the following
– 5 green tomatoes
– A glass jar with lid
– Adhesive bandages or gauze
– 1 cup of apple cider vinegar


The first step is to cut the tomatoes into slices and then place them inside our jar with vinegar, this should be left in a very dark place for about 48 hours so that it can work well. Also remember to cover it because without this it will not work properly.

Mode of use

Once these 48 hours have passed, we will place the tomatoes in the varicose veins and cover them with bandages.

We let these act for 40 minutes, then we remove everything and wash our legs with plenty of cold water, it is important that it is cold since it promotes circulation.

We are going to do this every day for two weeks, it is important that you be constant with this treatment since that will dictate the results you will get.

The key is in the mixture of vinegar with tomato, both of them work very well for circulation, the main element that causes varicose veins in the first place.

If you do it with constancy and avoid wearing tight shoes or heels, we assure you that you will have great results.

Source: http://www.redlinepage.com

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