6-ingredient Lemon-ginger Liver Detox Juice To Stop Your Body From Storing Toxins In Fat

Foil wrap is the first thing that pops on our mind at the thought of aluminum.  In fact, it is very likely that you have some leftovers in the refrigerator wrapped in aluminum at the moment.

Unfortunately, aluminum is a toxic metal so pervasive in our environment that it’s practically impossible to avoid. We are exposed to aluminum to the extent that it is even present in the food we consume, the aluminum pots and pans we cook in, the prescription and over-the-counter drugs we take as well as in the soil and water supply. According to a recent study published in the International Journal of Electrochemical Science, aluminum contamination is widespread and it poses a serious threat to the human body.  This neurotoxin effectively interferes with neuronal membrane function and accumulation of aluminum in the body can lead to Alzheimer’s.

Doctors have started noticing that patients diagnosed with Alzheimer`s disease tend to have aluminum deposits in the brain, given the fact that this substance is difficult to break down. Instead of getting broken down by the body, it accumulates in the brain and even in the bones. According to a recent study from the UK` s Keele University, extremely high levels of aluminum have been found in an individual who died as a result of exposure to aluminum dust.  Aluminum diet is associated with early-onset dementia and this man absorbed a great deal of it through his lungs. Consequently, his brain had a great number of aluminum deposits.

Another study done by Brazil`s Laboratory of Respiration Physiology has shown a diminished lung capacity in mice exposed to aluminum dust.  This dust is difficult to avoid, as industrial workers get exposed to it even when wearing particulate masks.  In addition to this, aluminum has been linked to breast cancer, as it mimics estrogen.

Unfortunately, you can be exposed to it in various ways as it is present almost everywhere. You can breathe industrial dust by cigarette smoke or at industrial places which often produce it. You can also ingest it as it is found in many foods, such as such as processed foods, baking powder, flour, salt, antacids, and baby formula. According to CDC, an average American eats around 7-9 milligrams of aluminum daily.  Also, it is naturally found in the soil and water as well as an additive in many vaccines. On the top of that, many lotions, shampoos, sunscreens, and bottles contain aluminum as well.


-Cook in cast-iron cookware and glassware
-Use Aluminum-free deodorants, toothpaste, and self-care products
-Drink mineral waters containing silica to help pass aluminum through the body
-Eat unpackaged whole vegetables and fruits as they contain little to no aluminum
-Take melatonin supplements as they also remove toxic metals


Fish and Eggs: The amino acids in these foods increase the efficiency of the liver to pass metals through the body.

Cilantro: This immune-booster is very effective at removing metals from your system.

Onions and Garlic:  They are an excellent source of sulfur which works to eliminate metals from the bloodstream. Other sources of sulfur include cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts.

Brazil nuts: They restore the safe minerals that are lost due to chelation as you rid yourself of dangerous metals.


1. Regular Cleansing Diet

Avoid consuming GMO foods, canned foods, processed foods or foods with additives and preservatives. On the other hand, make sure you have an organic green smoothie for breakfast and consume a lot of organic fruits and vegetables.

2. Lemon Fast Diet

The lemon fast diet is an effective fasting program that can eliminate all types of heavy metals and free radicals. During the 10-day lemon, fast diet no solid foods are allowed and you should consume Master Cleanse drink to stay hydrated. This drink includes two tablespoons of organic lemon juice, two tablespoons of organic maple syrup, a teaspoon of organic cayenne pepper and ten ounces of filtered water.

3. Liver Cleanse

You can detox your liver by taking lots of vitamin C, consuming lots of raw organic fruits and vegetables, removing saturated fats, trans fats or hydrogenated oils from your diet, hot yoga, and regular exercise.

4. Regular Exercise

Regular walking for half an hour daily is one of the best exercises! It helps change your metabolism so that the body burns fat and eliminates toxins and heavy metals.

5. Hot Yoga and Sauna

Given the fact that sweating and perspiration are one of the best ways to detox and eliminate heavy metals and toxins in the body, sauna, and hot yoga is highly recommended.

Source: http://makeyourlifehealthier.com

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