12 Ways To Detect If Someone Is Lying To You

Have you ever been lied to? It feels horrible to have someone stand in front of you, looking in your eyes and telling you something that is not true and by doing so misleading you. Knowing if someone is lying to you is crucial as you then can make decisions based on truth and not based on lies or deceit. Here are 12 ways to tell if someone may be lying to you:

The Eyes

Eye contact can be a strong indicator of dishonesty. For example, if someone is making too little or too much eye contact that person is probably lying. Breaking eye contact during conversation is perfectly natural, however if someone is lying he/she will overcompensate by too much eye contact or total lack of it.

The Throat

Humans swallow often or lubricate their throats in order to prevent tension from building up when they are lying.

The Head

Someone who is lying will probably shake or nod his/her head opposing to what is being said. Another sign that a person is lying is if he/she hesitates a little before shaking or nodding the head.

The Nose

Dishonest people often touch their noses when they are lying. This is a physical indication that can help you determine if you are being lied to.

The Mouth

A person who is lying might pucker the lips or cover the mouth unconsciously in an attempt to prevent the lie from coming out.

The Expression

The slightest changes in the expression can help you tell if someone is lying to you. These changes usually occur in a split-second and they may include raising the eyebrows upwards thus causing lines to appear on the forehead.

The Breathing

While someone is lying, he/she starts breathing faster while speaking. Unless they have just finished a marathon, they are probably lying to you.

The Repetition

A dishonest person will repeat the same phrases or facts thinking that by emphasizing and telling the same thing over and over again he/she will sound more convincing.

The Voice

Pay attention to unusual changes in voice, is it higher or lower, is it faster or slower? A liar will not be able to completely control the sound of the voice, so you can easily tell if you are being lied to.

The Details

In order to sound even more convincing and to make the lie seem authentic, a liar will use lots of detail. If the person is using too much information and detail that are not even relevant to your conversation, you should be careful and don’t take too seriously what you are going to hear.

The Hands

The position of the hands can show you if a person is lying or trustworthy. The possible signs that a person is a liar include: scratching the nose, touching or covering the lips or clenching the fists.

The Body

An honest person leans towards the other person when engaged in a conversation. But a liar will move or lean further.

I hope that these clues helped you in determining if someone is telling you the truth or is lying to you. Please let us know if this was helpful to you by dropping a comment.

Source: https://shortbrains.com

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